Pearl Scales Knife Kit #141


Brand: LS Grips

Knife Kits with Pins

 -120+ scale color options to choose from just follow this link:
 - Click Here (Excludes Custom Colors)
 - Leave a message at check out with the color you have chosen or you will be sent the color of scales in the photo. (White Pearl)

Polyester Composite Pearl Scales
-5  1/4 Inches Long
-1 3/4 Inches Wide
-3/8 Inches Thick

Measurements may vary up to 1/32 of an inch

-The second picture shows polished material, the third picture shows raw material the way you will receive it

-The picture is an example set of this color of pearl. The set you receive may vary slightly in swirl patterns, but will be the    color(s) shown.

This material can be worked with any wood working tool and polishes out to a brilliant shine. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about working this material.