About us

     Hello my name is Lance Schofield and I'm the owner of LS Grips. Since I was a small boy I have loved working in the wood shop building and creating with my hands.  I originally started my business (Furniture Your Way) In January of 2013 with the intent of building custom furniture. Later that same year I started doing pistol grips to provide a secondary source of income for my business since I had been doing custom work on my own gun collection for years. With in a years time I was doing custom pistol grips full time and no longer had time for furniture. So, I re-branded my business LS Grips and haven't looked back.

     I make grips for many makes and models and am continually adding to my inventory. I also offer the largest color selection on the market of pearl composite which I make myself. After browsing my website, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


Call or Text: (417) 483-8360

Email: lance_schofield@yahoo.com


8685 Iris Rd

Neosho MO 64850

On behalf of me and my team I would like to thank you for your business and support of LS Grips. You are allowing me to do what I love and support my family at the same time.